The 'Jaunt'

A YT-2000 with a lot of "character" bought cheap at auction.


Medium Light Freighter
HP 260 SP 80/80
ACC 1 TS 4 HD 1/2
Guns 2x co-axel Laser cannons(4d8; RoF 3; AP 3; 2d8 per turrent when Manned.)
Handling 1 to pilot checks.
Shooting D6
Autopilot D6
Hinderances ~Disrepair(Major) $Loan 20,000 (Major) Uncommon(minor)
Edges Ship Bennies: (3) Professionally modified sublight engines (
2 movement +1 Handleing)
Crew 4 + 7;
Cost 150,000 50,000
Escape Pod 2 (4 person)
Length of Operations 3 Months;
Cargo 115 Tons.

Description: The YT-2000 combined the YT-1300’s successful saucer-like design with the YT-1930’s symmetrical theme, including the centralized cockpit placement. The standard cockpit design of the YT-2000 deviated from the pilot and co-pilot sitting side by side, as in previous models. Instead, the pilot sat in front while the co- pilot was situated behind and raised above the pilot, with no room for any other people in the cockpit.
Due to the turbulent times in which the ship was designed and produced, the YT-2000 boasted heavier standard shields and weapons (two dual laser turrets) than most civilian freighters, certainly than any of its predecessors. The heavy armament and shields, coupled with its speed and maneuverability, caused many officials to view the YT-2000 being marketed as a “civilian” ship with suspicion..

~Disrepair=On a natural roll of 1 or 2 on any piloting checks something breaks

$Loan= The ‘owner’ of said item owes an amount of money on said Item and will be hassled to pay on the princepal.



The 'Jaunt'

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