Tavrin Zandt

Self qualified ship captain who gives himself the highest recommendation.



Strength d4
Agility d6
Vigor d4
Smarts d6
Spirit d8
Pace 6
Parry 2
Toughness 4
Charisma 4 (6 opposite sex)
Edges Ship, Very Attractive, Strong Willed
Hindrances Over Confident, Greedy (minor), Over-Sensitive, Stubborn (Minor)


(S) Larceny d6
(SP) Intimidation d6
(S) Taunt d6
(SP) Persuasion d8
(S) Notice d4
(A) Piloting d6
(A) Shooting d4
(S) Streetwise d6

Gear: Blaster Pistol, Heavy


Attractive: Zeltrons have the Attractive Edge for free.

Pheromones: When dealing with members of an opposite

gender of any race, Zeltrons gain a +2 to their Persuasion


Overconfident: Their social capabilities have given many

Zeltrons a false sense of competence in themselves in

various capacities. They start with this Hindrance which can

be overcome if they spend Two Advances.


A Zeltron who after many years living the life on Zeltros has decided to start his legacy when he “bought” a ship at imperial auction, found a crew, and took off all before he decided where he was going. ZGRL

Tavrin Zandt

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