a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
“her little jaunt in Bespin was over”
synonyms: trip, pleasure trip, outing, excursion, day trip, day out; More

go on a short excursion or journey for pleasure.
“they went jaunting through Naboo”

Jaunt is a Star Wars campaign taking place directly after the events of Return of the Jedi, using edited Savage World rules.

Jaunt will use the Star Wars galaxy as a backdrop for a story with Neo-Noir tones, centered around the Crew of the Jaunt, A YT-2000 freighter and their home as they jump planet to planet looking for work.

Things to keep in mind during character creation

First off Here is the conversion.

Roll 20 here

While I don’t want to ‘rail road’ you into character archetypes
The mechanics of the game will call for some shoes to be filled.

Naturally multiple roles can be filled by one player.

Necessary “roles”
3.Engineer/mechanic— (Canaan)

Useful “roles”
1.Medic/Doctor (Kyle)
2. Accountant/broker/treasurer
3. Negotiator
4. “Muscle”(Alex)
5. Translator (**hint**droid**)

Also it’s important that you have a working inventory I don’t expect you to have every little thing written down but have a general idea of what your character owns and what he/she keeps on her person. You will have a room of your own so it would make sense that you have made it in some way more “homeish”

Feel free to be Force sensitive or be a Jedi/sith just notify me before you start your background because there will be specific criteria to make it ‘Cannon’.

Starting money is stock 1,000 Credits
You can for-go this and role a d6 with these values

1. 100 credits
2. 500 credits
3. 1000 credits
4. 1500 credits
5. 2000 credits
6. 5000 credits

If you background entails Haveing a large sum of money due to nobility exc. just bring it up to me.

Lastly if their is a race not in appears in the convention feel free to still play that race
We can workout the numbers, perks, and edges exc.


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