Movement for Small and Medium Starships
Starship movement is abstract and will take place on a X,Y and Z axis.

There are 6 movement speeds
2=Medium/medium speed
3=Average/cruising speed
5=Long range/Very Fast
6=Extreamly fast/ Extreamly far

(If moving on the surface in reference to individuals on the ground add a 0 to each value
So if someone on the ground is running ‘6’ a ship going slow will be moving ‘10’)

These Values Apply to both Acceleration or Acc and Top Speed or TS

Example Acc:1 TS:3

The top speed is the value you can reach and acceleration is how many turns it will take to get there.

So if I want to reach Top speed of 3 and your Acceleration is 1 it will take me 3 turns to reach my top speed.

The first turn my actual speed will be 1.
On the second turn 2
On the third turn 3 which is this ships top speed.

Once you reach top speed you can stay there unless you change direction.
Now if you are turning at a normal, regular pace then you can continue at your top speed.
If you are making an evasive maneuver. You must do a pilot check if you pass your speed stays the same if you fail you subtract one level of acceleration from your current speed. And if you fumble your speed goes to your Acceleration value.

So if I pass you stay at your top speed of 3
But let’s say you fail

you simply subtract your current speed which in this case is 3 from your Acc which is 1
Now you are moving at 2. But next turn you can return to your top speed of 3. Because you accelerate at 1 speed per turn.

Let’s say you fail your with your Acc=1
Your speed would return to 1.

Now let’s say you want to stop or slow down? Well it works the same way except in reverse

Using the same example. Let’s say we are moving at the top speed of 3
And we with to stop. You can break at and Acc of 1 per turn. So you will continue to move a distance of 2 after turn one and after turn two a distance of 1 and on turn 3 you will finally be stopped.

So let’s say you are piloting a x-wing with a Acc of 2 and TS of 4 You are being chased by a tie fighter Acc 3 TS 4

You are moving at 4, your top speed and the tie fighter is moving at 4 it’s top speed.
It’s right on your tail, exactly where you don’t want it. So you try and do a U turn
You roll your pilot skill and you pass you keep your speed and make a U turn the tie fighter follows in suit it tries to follow but fails his pilot check he must subtract 3 from his top speed so now he is moving at a speed of 1.

Great this is right where you want him fire away!

Ships health and shields

HP: condition of the ship in numeral value
SP: 0/0 condition of front and back shields in number value

You can move shield values to full front and full rear by combining the value.


Ship A
HP:60 SP:50/50
ACC:2 TS:4

Ship B
Tie fighter
Hp:60 SP 0/0
ACC 3 TS:4

Ship A shoots at Ship B doing a total of 40 damage
Ship A as a Free action moves shields full forward. SP is now 100/0

Ship B Now has HP:20
Ship B Fires back at ship A for 60 damage

Ship A now has SP 40/0 but still an Hp of 60.
Ship A fires back at ship B and destroys it

Ship C appears from the rear of ship A

Ship C
Tie Fighter
Hp:60 Sp 0/0
ACC 3 TS:4

Ship C has initiative next
Ship C fires at ship A’s Rear for 60 damage

Ship A’s shields are all forward so the damage goes against ship A’s HP instead of SP
So ship A is destroyed.

Ships turret guns
If turret on ship are unmanned they fire to the direction the ship is facing, using the ships targeting computers (ships shooting score).

If ships torrents are manned then they may fire independently.they can fire in the entire ark they can be turned (usually 180 degrees). The Pc or Npc in the gunners seat uses his/her shooting score.
When doing this the guns damage are split in half between Turrents and are treated as individual rolls.


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