• Dr. Kevident Colt

    Dr. Kevident Colt

    Irritable Physician with a revoked license and no friends to mention
  • Ishtar Une

    Ishtar Une

    A Zabrack with a dirty mind, questionable ethics, and a fetish for blasters
  • Tavrin Zandt

    Tavrin Zandt

    Self qualified ship captain who gives himself the highest recommendation.
  • The 'Jaunt'

    The 'Jaunt'

    A YT-2000 with a lot of "character" bought cheap at auction.
  • TM-AS "Tom" or "Thomas"

    TM-AS "Tom" or "Thomas"

    A Tactical droid with a pessimistic and generally reluctant personality who operates under his own accord.
  • Asajj Ventress

    Asajj Ventress

    A vicious bounty hunter with a demonized past.
  • Aurra Sing

    Aurra Sing

    A notorious bounty hunter with unusual interest in the R8-b7
  • Bathazar Al-amar

    Bathazar Al-amar

    A bi-polar Devaronian of nobility who fences illegal items of interest for cheap kicks.
  • Cad Bane

    Cad Bane

    A renoun bounty hunter with an ends justify the means attitude.
  • Captain Andies Ulegra

    Captain Andies Ulegra

    A veteran smugglers with a relaxed attitude, this Kel Dor is an integral part of the rebellions supply line.
  • Dr.Eevee


    A Nautolan Doctor with a gritty attitude and ties to the hutts crime syndicate.
  • Egren-Kull-Hassar


    A survivor of order 66 with a knack for telepathy
  • Ensign Kuoa Hopper

    Ensign Kuoa Hopper

    An Imperial Ensign with eccentric taste an a inflated ego.
  • Guuntaug


    A angry little Rodian Bounty hunter with a Napoleon complex.
  • M3-A Intercepter

    M3-A Intercepter

    The Honda Civic of freelance Fighterships.
  • Mistress Ellaina

    Mistress Ellaina

    A suductive falleen with ties to the Black Sun.
  • Mookie


    A Rodian junk dealer with a sleazy business mantra and a disgusting sense of humor.
  • Norr


    An ithorian bounty hunter with an impressive resume' and quiet reserve.
  • R8-B7


    A refurbished droid with a passive aggressive attitude.
  • The "Helmet"

    The "Helmet"

    An Artifact of apparent great value.
  • The Sassy Hippo "Yuna Sikes's Repair ship"

    The Sassy Hippo "Yuna Sikes's Repair ship"

    A Very modified and finely tuned frigate with a large purple hippo painted on the side in the fashion of a pin-up girl.
  • Wedge Antilles

    Wedge Antilles

    An ace pilot of the rebel alliance. with a good ol' boy attitude.
  • Yuna Sikes

    Yuna Sikes

    A overly friendly ordinance and ship equipment dealer who specializes in unique ship modifications and fabrication